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What is RES?

RES is a simple and easy-to-use online restaurant reservation platform with all the functionality needed to reserve a table online.

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Why RES?

RES is offering much more than your average booking system. You can easily manage your guest inquiries, send emails and SMS reminders, manage advance payments and much more...

RES Made Easy

RES, with an easy web based system help your guests to reserve tables in your restaurant round the clock making your restaurant accessible 24/7 for bookings. It is a fully supported, affordable and scalable solution for anyone who needs an online table reservation system for their restaurant.



Founder, Tree Lounge

What our Partner Say?

"The best feature I personally like is RES. It helps me to maintain the customer data and reservation system."



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How to Apply?

For getting this platform you have to fill the form that already integrated in your eatout profile on tossdown team will get in touch with you within 24 business hours for confirmation and payment procedure. After that ‘Reserve a Table’ button will start appearing on and also on your eatout profile on

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